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This is the first song I ever heard by My Bloody Valentine and it just... blew me away. I'd never really heard anything like it before and I fell in love instantly. I can't get enough of this band, this album, this sound, or this genre. If I were ever in a band, it would have to have at least some shoegaze influence.

When I look at you, oh, I don't know what I feel. Once in a while and you make me laugh.
And I'll sleep tomorrow and it won't be long. Once in a while, then you take me down when you walk away.
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Day 27 - A song that you wish you could play


Execution of All Things by Rilo Kiley
(the guitar. the bass is good as vell)

Sunday Morning by No Doubt
(the drums especially. the bass is also good as velllll)

Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine
(the everything)

Stars the xx
(I love the bass line. also, Oliver Sim is so fucking sexy goddamn.)

the theme for the day is most obviously bands with females.
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Day 25 - A song that makes you laugh

I'm not doing day 24 because I don't want to die (:, so thinking about what song I want played at my funeral is more than depressing and harshes my mellow. I actually thought of a song months ago that would be soooo perfect, but I didn't write it down and completely forgot what song it was ):. 

Also, day 26 is getting skipped as well because I can't play any instruments boooooo ):

None of these songs make me laugh, but they greatly amuse me:

Like a Boss by the Lonely Island

Ladies of the World by Flight of the Conchords
(Jemaine is such a sexy bitch with his moustache)

SugaLumps by Flight of the Conchords
(the dance legitimately makes me laugh and I really want Bret's zebra shirt)

Bounce by the Jonas Brothers feat. Demi Lovato
(judge away. also, ilu Nicholas. also also, Joe's sugalumps need to chill out)
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Day 23 - A song that you want to play at your wedding

To be completely honest, I don't really want to get married. I don't like the idea of marriages, but I love weddings. I love the celebration of a couple. I love the dress. I love the bonding. I love the reception.

So, if I ever had an engagement party (which would be enough commitment for me), I'd probably have this as a partial song listing.

Stellar by Incubus (An unexpected, but perfect song for a ~first dance~ imo)

Just Like Heaven
by the Cure
(Stellar would bleed into this as it's my favorite (love) song and I think it's perfect.)


Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
(My favorite Aunt and Uncle had this as their first song and I kind of want to play it in homage to them and their relationship. They have a marriage that I greatly admire.)
LOL couldn't find a non-cover, non-censored version on youtube. OH WELL.

Here Comes the Sun
by the Beatles
(I'm in love with this song. I don't know when I'd play it, though. Maybe at the very end of the reception or when the ~couple~ leaves.)